Flogas - let us provide the fuel for your Beacons

We are encouraging every church with suitable buildings or land to take part in this nationwide event. Our vision is that thousands of churches up and down the land will gather their communities together for this happy occasion. Premier Christian Radio are working with the organisers of this unique project to assist in the co-ordination of the Church Beacons throughout the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

The Beacon is relatively light and comes fully assembled and complete with the exception of the gas cylinders that will need to be sourced separately. Two 19kg propane cylinders are recommended to give a full flame for one hour but if there is restricted access then two 11kg or 6kg cylinders will be adequate but this will reduce the period for a full flame (to only half an hour for the smallest size). These cylinders can be sourced/purchased from Flogas UK Ltd by going onto their website which allows you to find a local stockist by putting in your post code. You may also download a Propane safety data sheet from the Flogas website.

The Church Tower Beacon package will contain the following: The beacon is connected to the two gas cylinders (with hose assembly and Y manifold) with the spanner provided. The lighting wand contains a lighter primed with butane fuel. The wand should be lit just before the lighting of the beacon. A spare lighting wand is provided.

The Beacon is stable in the wind and can be used on a tower, castle battlement or a building with a flat roof. However it must be supervised at all times when lit and a fire extinguisher must be provided. It is important that the supervision should be by someone who is competent and it is essential that a

trial be undertaken before the event to ensure that everyone is fully trained and familiar with the operation.

The price is £299 plus VAT, plus post and packaging. You can view a Church Tower Beacon alight by going to the following website:

 In 2012 Premier in partnership with the Church of England will launch a nationwide project aimed at getting young people active in their communities and reaching out to people in need. We are inviting young people to join the ’2012’ group with Premier providing media resources and events that aim to equip and inspire a generation to a greater level of social involvement, with the aim being to generate a wave of activity across the country. From every Church Tower Beacon purchased, £30 will be given to the ‘2012’ project to create the resources, hold events and coordinate teams.

To order please contact:
Bullfinch Gas Equipment,
Kings Road, Tyseley,
Birmingham, B11 2AJ.
Tel: 0121 765 2000
Fax: 0121 707 0995


Payment by Cheque to Bullfinch (Gas Equipment) Ltd or credit card. Last date to order to guarantee delivery by 25th May is the 12th March 2012. However, please enquire after this date for availability.


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