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The Jubilee Diamond Arrives at  The Tower of London

Bruno Peek, Pageantmaster of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Beacons poses with the Jubilee Crystal Diamond at the Tower of London May 1, 2012. Britain's Queen Elizabeth will use the diamond to light the National Beacon on June 4, during her Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

More than 4,000 Diamond Jubilee beacons will be lit across the globe in celebration of the Queen's 60-year reign, organisers have announced.

The Queen will light the final beacon from the concert stage where Stevie Wonder, JLS, Sir Elton John and a host of stars will perform in her honour on June 4.
Bruno Peek, Pageantmaster of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee beacons, said the number of communities who had registered to hold celebration bonfires was "truly amazing" and easily surpassed the 2,012 they hoped to attract.

After the pop stars have paid a musical tribute to the monarch in the shadow of Buckingham Palace, the Queen will walk out in front of the crowds and set the national beacon ablaze.

She will carefully place a diamond, made from crystal glass, into a special pod at 10.30pm, triggering the lighting of the last beacon nearby in The Mall.

Mr Peek, who organised the Golden Jubilee beacons in 2002, delivered the crystal to the Tower of London this evening during a lavish ceremony.

He said: "Our aim was to light 2,012 beacons because 2,012 have never been lit before, but by the end of the night we will have over 4,000 - that's truly amazing.

"Last night was the closing date for the beacons and the number came to 3,986 but I've been emailed a spread sheet with 40 more.

"The beacons will be lit from around the world on Monday, June 4 from Tonga to the Falkland Island and Malta to Kenya."

The network of beacons that will criss-cross the UK will be placed on historic landmarks, hill-top vantage points and famous mountains.

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