Beacons will light up the sky across  Midlothian as part of Diamond Jubilee  celebrations

Soutra and the Midlothian Snowsports Centre at Hillend are two of the chosen locations for the beacons which will be set alight between 22:00 and 22:30 on Monday 4 June.
They will be part of a network of 2,012 beacons lit by communities and individuals across the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. Other beacons in Midlothian may also be visible on the evening.

The celebrations, from Saturday 2 June to Tuesday 5 June, will also include a special thanksgiving church service at St Nicholas Buccleuch Church in Dalkeith on the Saturday. Invited guests will join local people, including teachers, cadets, scouts, guides, boys and girls' brigades and many others.

Local people are also being encouraged to come along to Vogrie Country Park on Sunday 3 June between mid-day and 17:00 for a Jubilee Park Party, Picnic and Performance. There will be teas and cakes, music, arts and crafts, campfire cooking and, hopefully, some sunshine.

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