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RICS matrics Starts Lighting up the UK

As the first organisation to come on board The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Beacons RICS matrics will be the first to light beacons across the four countries of the UK.
RICS matrics*, an integral part of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), will be leading the way and lighting traditional beacons at 10 o’clock on 4 June. Others will follow and in total over 4,000 will be lit including some in the Commonwealth countries.  This will be the fourth occasion that members of the RICS have been invited to undertake lighting of beacons and they say it is an honour to be asked to do so again.
Any enquiries should be referred to krogers@rics.org.

*RICS matrics is a networking and support group for surveying students, trainees and all those who have achieved Chartered Surveyor status within the last ten years. The groups meet nationally and provide valuable support and networking opportunities for all involved. Membership to matrics is free to RICS members.

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