21 Gun Salute in Jersey for Britain's \r most southerly Jubilee Beacon

Launched with a 21 Gun Salute by the Jersey Militia, the Island's Jubilee Beacon will be lit as part of the national lighting of beacons across the UK and Crown Dependencies.
The Jubilee Beacon consists of a configuration of 6 Church Beacons grouped together to form one central beacon.  These will be placed on top of the WW2 German Bunker which is part of Elizabeth Castle, just off shore in St Aubin's Bay, St Helier.

The Beacon will be enhanced by laser light and immediately following the lighting of the beacon there will be a massive fire work display which will light up the castle and the surrounding bay.

This beacon is the only beacon on the island and will be lit by the Bailiff
of the Island Mr Michael Birt.
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Queen's Diamond Jubilee Emblem