Frequently Asked Questions



Question: Can I show up to any event listed on your website?

Answer: Not necessarily! There are, on the whole, three kinds of events:

1. Private events that have registered with us, but are not listed here because the Beacon Coordinator who registered the event checked the "No Publicity" box when they filled in the form.

2. There are also Public events that are encouraging people to attend without specific limitation. We only carry generic information on these events and further research will need to be done in order to ascertain what activities, facilities and entertainment will be available and at what time etc. Sorry - we don't have the facility to provide full programs etc for over 4200 individual events and, because of data protection, we can't supply contact information of Beacon Organisers - please do your homework before you set out to attend one of these Beacon Events and please do not assume that all events here are free for any number of general public to attend! Even openly publicised Public Events can get oversubscribed and personal safety and site damage can then occur as a result. Because of this risk, you may well be turned away by Organisers upon arrival. Please use common sense and plan accordingly to ensure a successful evening of celebration.

3. There will be, amongst the Beacon Events listed on our site, a fair number of Private or ticketed / limited entry events. This is because some Beacon Coordinators have requested publicity because they want their Beacon Event to be included on our site, but it DOES NOT mean that they will accept an "ad hoc" attendance from the general public.

Event attendees - please note:

Be wary of showing up at events without noting the points raised above, namely - please do your homework before you set out. Public events that are encouraging as many people to attend as possible will be advertising their events on their own sites and using their own publicity. This data will often be more updated and detailed than ours and will help you decide which Beacon Event you would like to attend on Monday night.

This site's purpose is to display a collection of registered events around the UK and further afield. For more information, you MUST check with the individual Event Managers themselves in order to properly plan your evening. Have a lovely and safe celebration.

I can't sign in, what do I do?

If you have not yet registered your event, you will need to fill in the online form here and enter your email address (which will become your username) and a password for access.

Once your event has been registered (which should happen nearly instantaneously from when you submit your registration data) you will receive a confirmation email welcoming you to the Diamond Jubilee Beacons project. From that time on, by clicking on the “sign in” text at the top right of every page on our site, you can login with your email address and chosen password.

Should you choose to do this, the registration information on the “Join In” page will no longer be available to you.

Instead you will have an option to edit your current event.

I registered our Beacon by using a paper form, can I login and see or change my event details?

No. Submitting paper forms means that you do not get allocated your email address as a username and neither are you issued a password - so you will not be able to see your event online by signing in. Your event is listed in our central database, and, provided you entered an email address where you can be contacted, you will receive a mail confirmation of your lighting time etc on the 2nd May. Also, provided you didn't request the NO PUBLICITY option, your event will still appear on the list of events and on the map on the Registered Beacons page on this site after the 2nd of May. Do not attempt to register your Beacon again as your event will just be duplicated. Instead, if there are changes to your event, or you have queries, please just email with you request and we will manually enter or alter your information.

I have forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

If you have forgotten your password, just click the “sign in” text at the right hand top of the page. Click the link there entitled “forgotten your password?” Make sure that you then enter THE SAME email address you used to register your beacon and fill in the CAPTCHA sincerity code. If you can’t read the text in the box click on the image of the circular arrow to reissue a new text. Keep doing this until you reveal a line of text you are sure you can read. Please be patient - this text is designed to be hard to read to prevent automated fraudulent activity in this process.

Once you click “recover my password” two separate email messages will be sent to the email address you entered. On the first message there is a hyperlink which will take you to a login page. On the second email (entitled Password Reset Details) there will be a new password. The text will look something like - 

“Your new password is: e0wI1tP8yTmGlB%dPO2i”

Copy this text from the email and then click the link from the first email.

Here you must again enter THE SAME email address you used to register your beacon. In the second box below it you must enter or paste your new password (replacing any other text in the box).

Once you have successfully logged in, please store your new password somewhere safe to avoid going through this again!

If you would like to alter your password to something more personal / memorable, then, after you have completed the above process, just click on “Join In” and you will see an option to change your password here. You will need to enter the email derived jumble of numbers one last time for security reasons. Please remember to write down or memorise your new password once you have entered it here.

Do I need to sign in?

You do not need to sign in to our website to access the information we have posted here to enable you to manage your event. Once you have registered your Beacon Event online and have received a confirmation email, you need do nothing further. The only benefit of signing is that you can review and edit your Beacon Event should you wish to make a change to the information you have submitted.

If you do not want to sign in to make this change, please just contact us and we will manually adjust your entry for you.

How do I alter my Beacon Event details?

Once you have successfully registered your Beacon Event, you will receive a confirmation email. If something changes, just login to the website and click on “Join In”. You will notice that the registration form part of the page has now gone, and you have the option to “click here to change your membership details”

If you select this option you will see the Beacon Event you registered come up. You can make alterations to your event here and re-save the data.

What if I don't know the beacon location yet?

If you are unsure as to the location of your Beacon Event, or the location you are proposing is not yet confirmed or authorised by the land owner etc, it is probably better that you postpone registering your event until you have secured this information.

You can not register an event without filling in this field in the registration form. The location of your beacon is very important!

I sadly have to cancel our event, how do I do this?

If you now need to cancel your event, please just email us and we will remove your event and all information pertaining to the organisers etc from our database.

I hate being inundated with marketing mailshots. I don’t want to be contacted by third party organisations and I certainly don’t want you to pass my data to anyone else.

Here’s the short answer to this.... make sure you tick the box that says “click here if you do NOT want publicity for your event”. We will then continue to register your details and contact you with your lighting times etc, but we will not share your data with any third party organisation. If you forgot to check this box when you initially signed up, you can go back and edit your details adding a tick to this box.

Please note that actually, although our privacy policy does say that we maintain the right to share your data with third party organisations, all this actually means in this case is that you will receive no more than five communications from Sainsbury’s offering you, as Beacon Coordinator, some special offers exclusively available to you and your event.

Sainsbury’s are an official partner to this project and they may wish to help you out by supporting your event in various ways. Our collecting of your information is no more commercial than this. We don't actually share anyone's personal contact details with Sainsbury's - it's actually us that mail you on their behalf. We take the storage and distribution of your data very seriously and we abide by all the rules as stipulated in the Data Protection Act. If you are interested in the long version of this answer, please click here for our full Terms of Use for the site and here for our Privacy Policy. Please bear in mind that the small print was written by a "no-loopholes" lawyer!

Please also note that if you select NO PUBLICITY then this is exactly what you get. We will not publish your event on our site and your beacon will not appear on the map under registered events.

We will still contact you with lighting times and other relevant information - and the communications may well have Sainsbury's branding on the header and footers of the emails.

I want to buy a gas powered, free standing or “Church Tower” Beacon - where do I find one?

21CC Fireworks – Freestanding Gas Beacons

We suggest you consider 21CC Fireworks who have designed a Gas Beacon especially for the Diamond Jubilee. Their Beacon Website can be found here and has a fully comprehensive description of their services on a dedicated web page. 21CC Fireworks are a fully certified provider for these services and can deliver a Freestanding Gas Beacon anywhere in the UK.

21CC can be contacted on:
Phone: 0131 331 4509


If you are still looking for a beacon to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, get in touch with 21cc Fireworks today.

Once the remaining Jubilee Beacons have gone, they will be operating a waiting list in case any pre-booked beacons become available. All beacons will be delivered on or before Friday 1st June.

Bullfinch Church Tower and Freestanding Beacons

Bullfinch Gas Equipment is a chosen partner for Freestanding and Church Tower Gas Beacons.

If you wanted to order a Gas Beacon for your event on the 4th June then the date for ordering from Bullfinch has now passed and all Bullfinch Beacons have now sold out.

If you ordered a Bullfinch Beacon before the 12th March 2012 then your Beacon will be on its way to you shortly - please contact Bullfinch for further information.

You can view a Church Tower Beacon alight by going to the Bullfinch website.

You don’t need to be part of a church organisation to have a Church Tower Beacon - These beacons work on flat roofs and freestanding spaces.

Bullfinch can be contacted on:

Phone: 0121 765 2000

Gas Cylinders (for Bullfinch Beacons)

Gas cylinders can be sourced/purchased from Flogas UK Ltd. Their website allows you to find a local stockist by putting in your post code. You may also download a Propane safety data sheet from the Flogas website.

A note on Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Beacons and our recommended suppliers

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Beacons do not benefit from and will not be involved in any transactions made with recommended suppliers. We also cannot accept any responsibility for matters arising with any of our recommended suppliers.

If you would rather obtain a Gas Beacon from elsewhere, we urge you to consider the required regulations surrounding the use of gas - and purchase your beacon from a reputable supplier who can demonstrate the correct safety procedures and certification.

It is the responsibility of the Beacon Coordinator to ensure that the correct safety measures and licenses are obtained to enable the event to proceed safely and legally with any equipment obtained at the organised event.

I want to build a Bonfire Beacon at our event. Is there a right way to do this?

Absolutely! The first thing you should do is download our Guide to Taking Part - and turn to page 5. Here we have step by step instructions as to how to build a bonfire beacon safely and with easy to obtain materials. 

When should we light our Beacon?

All lighting times for eveyone are available here. All you need to do is work out whether you are a committee, a council, a church, an individual, a society etc etc - all times for all kinds of organisations are listed on this page. Pick the one that best describes you - and light your beacon then. We suggest you burn your beacon for at least 30-45 minutes from that time onwards.... but really, there is no one answer to how long you actually need to burn it for. Just so long as you follow our safety guidelines and everybody is enjoying its light and its warmth.

How do I find a list of other Beacon Events are happening?

Easy, just click on any event you are interested in on the map. This will be available after May 5th. All events that requested publicity will be viewable here.

How can I be sure that my event is legal?

If you are inviting personal guests to your home it is worth checking with your household insurer that you are covered in the unfortunate circumstance that there should be an accident. If your event includes inviting the public, or it is at a third party venue then, where applicable, the following advice should be heeded, to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable event for everyone involved. 


Generally, all public entertainment has to be licensed by the local authority. The law on this aims to ensure the safety of the public and performers. Local authorities treat each event  individually, and what one will allow another will not. Do not be put off by the length of some of the forms - the licensing officer is there to help you.

The licensing officer’s job is to advise the local authority’s licensing committee on the granting of public entertainment licences. For small scale events he or she, in effect, makes the decisions. Only if your event is contentious will the licensing committee decide to consider the application in detail. Talk to the licensing officer as soon as possible. In Northern Ireland, if you plan to sell alcohol at an event, you will need to apply for an occasional liquor licence from the Northern Ireland Court Service.

What should I do to insure my Beacon Event?

Unfortunately accidents can happen at even the best organised events. Therefore you will need to consider insurance cover.

Whether you’re holding an event on your own premises or someone else’s, Beacon events require specialist public liability cover. If you hire a park or venue or use land owned by a third party for your event, they are likely to require you to have your own suitable insurance to cover your liability for any injury to the public or damage to other people’s land or property.

If hiring equipment for the event, you may need to insure these items; you may also need to consider cover for loss of any financial outlay you incur if the event has to be cancelled for reasons beyond your control, or loss of money, particularly if you are holding a fund-raising event.

Standard Public Liability insurance policies may not provide adequate cover for beacons or bonfire events, nor cover your costs if you’re forced to cancel the event for any reason, so you may need to source specialist cover.

Unity Insurance Services is the insurance partner for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Beacons. They are a specialist insurance broker in the voluntary and non-profit sector and have developed a range of bespoke insurance covers specifically for Beacon Events, underwritten by Ecclesiastical Insurance. Both Unity and Ecclesiastical are owned by charities and donate all their available profits back to charity.

Unity can provide you with a tailored policy specifically for your Diamond Jubilee Beacon event.  

To get a quote or for more details, please visit Unity’s website, or telephone them on 0845 0945 702.

Further safety information as well as other essentials can be found on Unity Insurance Services’ website:

To obtain a quote or for more details or advice on the insurance cover you may need, please visit Unity’s website, or telephone them on 0845 0945 702.

Alternatively, the licensing officer may be able to direct you to a suitable specialist company or broker, but you should not try to source this kind of insurance from a non-specialist.

Should I be involving the Emergency Services?

Tell the police well in advance about the type of event you are planning and get in touch with your local community police officer. Write to the fire brigade and ambulance service, particularly if you are planning to have a beacon, fireworks, or an event that will attract large crowds. St John Ambulance, St. Andrew’s (in Scotland) and the Red Cross will provide first aid and sometimes a vehicle. In some areas they are simply happy to receive a donation. In others, expect a fee to be charged.

How should I provide food and drink at my Beacon Event?

Basic food hygiene guidelines should be followed if you are providing food and drink. 

Caterers must have food hygiene certificates. Advice on this subject can be obtained from your local council environmental health officer.


If you want to sell alcohol you will need to secure a licence. From February 2005, licences are granted by the local authority rather than the Magistrates Court. You should therefore contact your local authority licensing section and seek information from them on how to apply. During 2005 all existing licences have to be renewed and this will inevitably lead to long lead-in times. Please apply as early as possible.

I want to be responsible and leave a nice clear and undamaged site after the event

The local authority will arrange for clearance and disposal of litter after your event if it is on public ground (check for charges). You can help this process by arranging litter bins or recycling bins around the site, and a crew to clear up throughout the event.

I want our event to have disabled / all ability access

Access for disabled groups is very important. Many local authorities run community transport schemes. Talk to them about arranging transport. On green field sites access can be improved by simply cutting the grass before your event.

Spare a thought for those who are blind or partially sighted or who have hearing impediments. Your signage, your event’s programme and your facilities should all cater for those who need extra help in these areas. 

I am having an event on a Natural England heritage site - I already have permission from the landowner - but is there anything else I should be considering?

Yes, Natural England have prepared a dedicated page with data pertaining to Diamond Jubilee Beacon Events. Please click here for more information. A specific guidance document for Beacon Organisers can be downloaded here

I am not sure if our Beacon Location is on a Natural England site

No Problem, click here to see if your event is listed as being a Natural England Heritage site.

I want to hire or borrow some equipment / facilities / materials - where should I go?

Your local authorities, Scout Group, Guide Unit, or local event organisers may be able to help you with contacts for supplies such as marquees, portable toilets, barriers and bunting, or may in some cases have these for you to hire or borrow. You may also need to consider generators, a public address system, and emergency flood lighting. If in doubt, Google it!

Are there any cool offers available to our Beacon Event?

Sainsbury’s have become one of our valued partners for this event. They are very involved in many aspects of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Click here to see what they already have going on. In some cases, we will contact you or your organisation if we think that Sainsbury’s can offer some bespoke support to your event. We only do this for some of those events that have signed up with us indicating a desire for publicity on the registration form.

What other events are happening to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee?

Click here to see news updates and a list of the other official events happening around the UK.

I want to access your logo and / or some pictures of previous events for my magazine / website / publicity programme etc

You need to access our media page - In the first instance please email requesting the password and please also indicate who you are representing and what you intend to use the images etc for.

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