Prime Minister of Australia to participate in beacon lighting ceremony at Parliament House in Canberra
The Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon. Julia Gillard MP, will participate in the beacon lighting ceremony at Parliament House in Canberra on Monday 4 June.
Celebrations to light up Horncastle in Lincolnshire
BRASS bands, decorated floats, a guided walk, Spitfires, a Great British Sunday lunch, flowers and loads of fun. Add in a Jubilee beacon and Horncastle's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations really do promise to light up the entire town.
7 beacons to shine across the Harrogate district for the Diamond Jubilee
Seven beacons will shine across the Harrogate district as part of a network of over 4000 Beacons being lit throughout the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, along with the Commonwealth and UK Overseas Territories, on Monday 4 June 2012 to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
Beacons to light up night sky in Leicestershire
About 20 villages and towns will light up the night sky with beacons to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in Leicestershire.


Over 4200 Beacons were lit across the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Commonwealth and Overseas UK Territories in celebration of The Queen's Diamond Jubilee on Monday 4th June.

The first beacon was lit in Tonga with the last beacon being lit be Her Majesty The Queen after a spectacular BBC concert at Buckingham Palace.

News Stories from around the world will be added to this site over the coming weeks as they come in from the Beacon Coordinators.

If you have any photos and stories of your events do send them in to and we will add them to our post event pages and gallery.



Thinking about attending a  Diamond Jubilee Beacon Event?

Question: Can I show up to any event listed on your website?

Answer: Not necessarily! There are, on the whole, three kinds of events:

1. Private events that have registered with us, but are not listed here because the Beacon Coordinator who registered the event checked the "No Publicity" box when they filled in the form.

2. There are also Public events that are encouraging people to attend without specific limitation. We only carry generic information on these events and further research will need to be done in order to ascertain what activities, facilities and entertainment will be available and at what time etc. Sorry - we don't have the facility to provide full programs etc for over 4200 individual events and, because of data protection, we can't supply contact information of Beacon Organisers - please do your homework before you set out to attend one of these Beacon Events and please do not assume that all events here are free for any number of general public to attend! Even openly publicised Public Events can get oversubscribed and personal safety and site damage can then occur as a result. Because of this risk, you may well be turned away by Organisers upon arrival. Please use common sense and plan accordingly to ensure a successful evening of celebration.

3. There will be, amongst the Beacon Events listed on our site, a fair number of Private or ticketed / limited entry events. This is because some Beacon Coordinators have requested publicity because they want their Beacon Event to be included on our site, but it DOES NOT mean that they will accept an "ad hoc" attendance from the general public.

Event attendees - please note:

Be wary of showing up at events without noting the points raised above, namely - please do your homework before you set out. Public events that are encouraging as many people to attend as possible will be advertising their events on their own sites and using their own publicity. This data will often be more updated and detailed than ours and will help you decide which Beacon Event you would like to attend on Monday night. This site's purpose is to display a collection of registered events around the UK and further afield.

For more information, you MUST check with the individual Event Managers themselves in order to properly plan your evening.

Have a lovely and safe celebration.

Lighting times

All Beacon Event lighting times are now viewable on this page  - as a rough guide, all events will be between 22:00 and 22:30 BST in the UK on the evening of 4th June 2012. Events in other countries will be 22:00 local time. The Queen will light the National Beacon in London at approximately 22:30 BST. This will be the last beacon in the UK chain.

Published list of events in the UK

All UK events registered (who requested publicity) are now listed here and include the name of the organisation or body as entered on the registration form. The Beacon Event location is also listed but any personal contact details and the name of the Coordinator etc as entered on the registration form will NOT be entered in line with data protection regulations. if you registered an event outside of the UK or you selected the "NO PUBLICITY" box, your event will NOT appear here.

The date for last entry registration was 30th April 2012.



Provided you entered an accurate postcode location for your Beacon Event on the registration form, your event will now be on our map posted on this page.

If you sign in and alter your event details, we cannot guarantee that these changes will update on the map.

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