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Welcome to the offical 'The Queens Diamond Jubliee Beacons'  Media page here you will find the latest Press Releases, Logo and Brand Guidelines relating to The Queens Diamond Jubilee Beacons event.


Press Releases

Press Release - Most Remote Jubilee Beacon 
Beacons Across the Nation as of June 1st 2012 
The Jubilee Crystal Diamond Handover Ceremony at HM Tower of London. 
Photo and Broadcast Opportunity at the Tower of London for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Beacons 

Brand Guidelines


These are basic brand guidelines for logo use, including correct and incorrect usage. 
This folder contains portrait, landscape, full colour and monochrome versions of the logo in ai, png and jpeg formats 


We have a gallery of images available for download here:

We only own the rights to some of these images - please contact us if you would like to publish any image and we will do our best to contact the photographer or IP owner.

The official generic logo for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee also has no copyright restrictions and can be found here: 

The official website of The Queens Diamond Jubilee is now live at

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Event organisers

CV of The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Beacons' Pageantmaster, Bruno Peek OBE MVO 

Public database of Beacon Events

Click here to download our public database of Beacon Events occurring around the world.

This information was prepared on 29th May 2012 for release within the public domain. 

The Beacon Events listed here are either public events - or sometimes private or ticketed events that have requested publicity. There are approximately 1000 other events on our databases who have specifically requested no publicity - therefore these events are NOT listed here.

This database is sorted alphabetically by County or location order and does not include events which have registered after 29th May 2012. Some counties are separated into sub-counties (e.g. North Yorkshire as well as just Yorkshire) with locations as entered by the Beacon Coordinators themselves.

Diamond Jubilee Beacons Ltd. do not accept responsibility for the accuracy of the content of this information or any errors, omissions or duplications that appear in this document. We reserve the right to update and edit this list of events throughout the project.

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